Flat Roof

Modern business buildingsFormerly a flat roof was mainly common in commercial buildings. Today, the flat roof is the growing number of passive houses also in private houses in the trend.
The flat roof is the bungalow charm of the 60s and 70s, a lot of effort with regard to sealing and for Contemporary Architecture – the flat roof is now popular again. A flat roof is characteristic of futuristic and contemporary modern building and impresses with its clear form, because the design possibilities for a flat roof are naturally more limited than for steep roof structures.

What is a flat roof?

As a flat roof refers to a roof with a slope of more than 7 degrees and less. The flat roof is not to be confused with a merely low-pitched roof that has a slope of about 22 degrees. In most cases, there is a load-bearing structures of a flat roof of a solid reinforced concrete slab with matching profile sheets. What is not possible in the flat roof on outer design options, makes the roof form inside the house is up for it. The flat roof is not only much lighter than a pitched roof, a flat roof can architects and builders a free hand in the design of the final projectile. Almost always the space final floor ceiling is also the same part of the design around the flat roof.


Important for flat roof sealing

flat-roof-sealingA flat roof must be very thoroughly sealed and are constantly dehydrated, because stagnant water can fatigue the sealing material and concrete are porous. Annoying: If skimp on quality seal, it’s raining in a few years. Typical materials for the sealing of a flat roof are bitumen sheeting or special plastic roof sheeting. Be particularly robust rubber and plastic sealing strips made of PVC and PIB apply. Those who wish may make his next flat roof with stainless steel or various coatings that need to be brought liquid onto the roof weatherproof. However, plastic films are often susceptible to strong sunlight and must itself be protected. Here offers a grassed flat roof. But beware: Roof penetrations are always potentially leaks in flat roof. Proven materials for thorough sealing are metals. Soft soft zinc or color for flat roof fitting plastic bands belong to the modern repertoire material.

Terms of houses with flat roof


  • Roof Terrace possible
  • Roofs possible
  • More housing, as no roof slopes


  • Frequently moisture damage and aging damage
  • Maintenance intensive
  • Sealing materials such as bitumen and plastics are not particularly environmentally friendly

Only one insulation from around twenty centimeters makes an attic habitable. The insulation of the flat roof must also be processed exactly like the steep roof, otherwise condensation drips. The result: mold under a flat roof. In order to avoid thermal bridges, insulate the exterior wall should seamlessly pass into the roof insulation.

Two big advantages you have as a resident of a house with a flat roof: First, you can use your flat roof as a terrace or roof garden, on the other the living room lying under the flat roof is free of slopes. Since the attic is still much space for storage and high cabinets. Additionally if a flat roof without recourse to special windows, but can use standard window. For additional light dome lights that can be installed directly into the flat roof care.